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  • Commercial Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

    Commercial property owners have slightly different problems than homeowners. This is because commercial properties are usually larger in size and have a different structural build to them. This makes no difference to Uac Foundation Repair because we treat every customer equally.

    When dealing with a cracked foundation, soil problems, or any other foundation problem you must hire a foundation repair specialist. Our experts have experience and are trained to help you with any commercial foundation need. Commercial foundation repair is fairly similar to residential foundation repair because many of the same techniques can be used such as helical tieback and plate anchors. Other methods such as helical piles and resistance piers are well suited for large commercial buildings because of their increased capabilities with regards to lift.

    When dealing with structural work or commercial underpinning, a foundation engineer is a must, due to special permitting issues that are required by the state. Our qualified engineers will help select the repair products necessary for any foundation job you might need. They help with all foundation jobs pertaining to live loads, structural weights and they make sure that each and every job that is completed by Uac Foundation Repair receives that expert commercial foundation repair attention that it requires.

    Uac Foundation Repair offers a vast array of foundation products new construction projects or repairing any existing foundation. At Uac Foundation Repair we have exclusive access to a complete selection of foundation support products, including all of the following:

    • Helical Piles/Helix Piers
    • Helical/Tieback Anchors
    • Push Pier/Underpinning Systems
    • Soil Nails

    If you need help with any construction job such as commercial or residential foundation work, municipal or government buildings, or any other type of property, Uac Foundation Repair is available and has the experts that specialize in the job you need.

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